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Symposium LAPHIA - 7th edition - November 2019

2015 - International Year of the Light

To emphasize the relationship between researchers, students and actors from the world of photonics, LAPHIA is committed to enhancing student projects that will be visible during ETOP 2015 and The Cluster LAPHIA (IdEx Bordeaux).

The projects will be exposed in the hall of the Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine.

Showcase lighting

Presented in the form of a display cabinet, this project proposes to discover many aspects of our domestic light bulbs with different themes:

  • A consumption history
  • In the eyes of a colorblind
  • A cool color is hot
  • Vision of the future

With detailed data sheets, this showcase of lighting will make you become a true connoisseur of domestic light.

Teacher : Benjamin Gaufrès

IUT Mesure Physique


Everyone has seen a rainbow sky train outdoors. Of rain, sunlight and voila! However, try to redo these conditions at home seems more delicate.

The arc-en-ciel's project proposes to produce this phenomenon, but indoor environment, and without using water ! A light source, a black plate and a special ingredient will revive the formation of a rainbow sky without the umbrella. Supported by simple explanations, you will become intractable on the formation of these colored lines and can even watch the scarf of Iris can have less than 7 colors.

Teacher : Bruno Bousquet

Students : Maïmiti Martiol, Ophélie Moriau, Anthony Teyssier

IUT Mesure Physique