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Symposium LAPHIA - 7th edition - November 2019

Symposium 2018

The 6th LAPHIA Symposium was a special edition : the First joint symposium between the Abbe Center of Photonics-Jena, EUR LIGHT S&T and the LAPHIA Excellence Cluster

IOA Amphitheatre - 13/14 November 2018

The LIGHT Sciences and Technologies Graduate School of Research and the Cluster LAPHIA are pleased to welcome their colleagues from the Abbe Center of Photonics (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena, Germany) during a joint symposium on 13-14 November 2018 at the Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine.

The aim of this symposium is to highlight the complementarities in education and research between the two European photonic poles. This meeting also aims to strengthen our partnerships and promote student mobility. Two mornings of cross-fertilized scientific presentations around the thematic axes of EUR LIGHT S&T are organized.


Tuesday, November 13th

08h30 / Opening of the Symposium and welcome coffee

09h00 /  Introduction by Johane Pagèze, Vice President Internationalisation of the University of Bordeaux, and presentation of the EUR LIGHT S&T Bordeaux, by Brahim Lounis


09h30 / Valentin Nägerl, IINS Bordeaux : Super-resolution microscopy for neuroscience: new methods & applications
09h50 / Christoph Krafft, ACP Jena : Raman spectroscopy and multimodal microscopy for disease detection
10h10 / Pierre Nassoy, LP2N Bordeaux : Watching and probing model tumors and organoids

10h30 Break

10h45 / Christian Spielmann, ACP Jena : Lensless imaging in the XUV
11h05 / Thierry Cardinal, ICMCB Bordeaux : Development of non silicate oxide glass compositions for laser writing and optical fibers
11h25 / Christian Vetter, ACP Jena : Bessel beam shaping technologies -- an overview
11h45 / Philippe Bouyer, LP2N Bordeaux : TBA
12h05 / Stephan Fritzsche, ACP Jena: Excitation and ionization of atoms by twisted light

12h30 Cocktail lunch

Wednesday, November 14th

08h30 / Georges Hadziioannou, ELORPrintTec Bordeaux : A showcase on sensors and actuators
08h50 / Philippe Tamarat, LP2N Bordeaux : Latest advances in the Nanophotonics group"
09h10 / Jürgen Sautter, ACP Jena : Tunable and nonlinear semiconductor metasurfaces
09h30 / Reiko Oda, CBMN Bordeaux : Power of counterions, chirality transfer from a small molecule to functional materials"

09h50 Break

10h10 / Dimitri Batani, CELIA Bordeaux : Research on High Energy Density Physics at the University of Bordeaux
10h30 / Adrian Pfeifer, ACP Jena : Generation of Short Deep-UV Pulses in Transparent Solids with a Noncollinear Beam Geometry
10h45 / Philippe Balcou, CELIA Bordeaux : High average power laser laser and future applications
11h05 / D. Kartashov, ACP Jena : Strong field and relativistic physics in nanoscale solids


Abbe Center of Photonics-Jena

  • Christian Vetter
  • Stephan Fritzsche
  • Adrian Pfeifer
  • Daniil Kartashov
  • Christoph Krafft
  • Christian Spielmann
  • Jürgen Sautter


  • Reiko Oda
  • Philippe Tamarat
  • Philippe Balcou
  • Thierry Cardinal
  • Georges Hadziioannou
  • Valentin Nägerl
  • Pierre Nassoy
  • Philippe Bouyer
  • Dimitri Batani