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Symposium LAPHIA - 7th edition - November 2019

Cocktail party

This event will focus around one key event: the inauguration of the exhibition with the CNAM.

Invitation only.

Opening exhibition :

Milieu amplificateur

Les lasers en Aquitaine

The Aquitaine has the Laser Mega Joule, one the two most energetic laser in the world. But the colossus did not grow on neutral ground : the tradition of research, training and skill transfer around lasers dates back to 1960. In this exhibition, you will discover this fascinating tool both from a technical and scientific point of view and because it assumes the transversal areas of activity, public work and knowledge sharing.

Have a good trip !

An exhibition of the CNAM Aqutaine / LAPHIA-University of Bordeaux / CEA.

With the help of the Route des Lasers, the Aquitaine Region, Cap Sciences and CNRS.

Curator : Yann Le Berre Deret

Artistic Director : Jean-François Dareths

Scientific Commitee : Emmanuel Abraham (Université de Bordeaux), Hervé Floch (Route des Lasers), Jean Lajzerowicz (CEA), Jean-Christophe Delagnes (Université de Bordeaux), Laurent Sarger (professeur émérite - Université de Bordeaux), Lionel Canioni (Université de Bordeaux), Sébastien Montant (CEA)

Thanks : Anne-Lise Bué, Rolland Lehoucq, Sebastien Forget, Antony Mauvais, Olivier Retif, Catherine Cuenca, Christel Poujol